Molecular Biology Lab and Research Support in Madagascar – 2019

In 2019, the Farallon Islands Foundation provided a grant to Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group and Mahaliana Lab and Training Center in support of their efforts to establish a molecular biology laboratory in Antananarivo, Madagascar and build scientific research capacity among Malagasy conservationists through a research study and training workshop. With support from FIF, these organizations purchased necessary lab equipment … Read More

Equipment For The Study of Least Terns on Alameda Island – 2013

Least tern with chick

The Golden Gate chapter of the National Audbon Society (GGAS) has been working since 1976 to study and protect California’s northernmost Least Tern colony, situated on Alameda Island in the San Francisco Bay. In conjunction with GGAS efforts, the tern colony grew from 10 nests to 440 28 years. In 2003, the colony produced the second highest number of Least … Read More

Sensor Instrument for Underwater Research – 2011


Marine Applied Research & Exploration Group (MARE) collects important underwater data and video around islands and the nearshore Pacific coast of the United States, down to 1,300′ deep. This includes locations around the Channel Islands and Farallon Islands of California. They will soon perform environmental assessments, including water quality monitoring and surveys of endangered fish, off the Oregon Coast. This work … Read More

Trimble Tablet Computer – 2009

Trimble tablet computer. 2009.

The Farallon Islands Foundation donated a Trimble Tablet Computer to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University to collect data for a statewide inventory of birds that will be called The Oregon 2020 project. This project will inventory the locations and numbers of each bird species in the state to establish a benchmark in time of the … Read More

Gray Water Tank on Farallon Island – 2000

Gray water tank, Farallon Islands

Point Reyes Bird Observatory and the US Fish and Wildlife Service aim to have the buildings on the Farallon Islands as self sufficient as possible. There are two buildings in use; one houses the resident scientists, and the other is used for office and laboratory space. Because there is no fresh water on the island, drinking water was shipped from … Read More

GPS System – 2000

GPS System

The Farallon Islands Foundation made a grant to the Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO) to purchase a Global Positioning System (GPS) and training in their use for four PRBO researchers. The GPS will be used on the Farallon and Año Nuevo Islands. This system, which is accurate to within 1 meter, increased accuracy in the mapping of nest locations, shark … Read More