Farallon Island Restoration Project Outreach – 2020

In 2020, the Farallon Islands Foundation provided a grant to Point Blue Conservation Science in support of outreach activities around a proposed project by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to eradicate invasive house mice on the South Farallon Islands. The presence of invasive house mice has had severe and ecosystem-altering effects on the Farallon Islands, which are home to … Read More

Debris monitoring in the Prince William Sound – 2017

Gulf of Alaska Keeper

In the northern Gulf of Alaska, plastic debris accumulates along the coastline, killing marine mammals through entanglement and ingestion, and damaging marine environments through the numerous chemicals compounds that leach from the plastic. Since 2006, the Gulf of Alaska Keeper (GoAK) has worked to combat this problem through marine debris cleanups and public education efforts. In 2007, they began an … Read More

Assessing Rat Removal Efforts on South Georgia Island – 2016

South Georgia Island

On South Georgia Island, located in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, populations of ground-nesting native seabirds (including two endemic species, the South Georgia Pipit and the South Georgia Pintail) have been decimated by the introduced Norway Brown Rat. Since 2011, the Friends of South Georgia Island have been working to eradicate rats and mice from the island. The island was baited … Read More

San Jorge Islands rat removal – 2000


The San Jorge Islands are in the northern part of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. They consist of three islands each infested by Black Rats, Rattus rattus, which prey on seabird eggs and nestlings. In addition to ridding the island of rats and restoring bird populations, this project was scientifically important for its comparison of three different rodenticides. The islands of northwest … Read More