Health clinic on Flores Island, Benteng Dewa – 2008, 2010

Health Clinic, Dewa

Benteng Dewa, located on the southwest coast of Flores Island, was formally established in 2004 and has a population of 1,580 people in 300 households. The villagers are almost exclusively farmers, tending to rice, corn, sweet potatoes and coconut. The spirit of community volunteer work and traditional law is still strong in this village. Benteng Dewa is one of 27 … Read More

Nesting Boxes & Boardwalks on Año Nuevo Island – 2008, 2009

Rhinoceros Auklet, Ano Nuevo Island.

Many seabirds nest on islands in burrows which can collapse for several reasons including human foot traffic and pinniped activity. Año Nuevo is home to over 9,000 seabirds (and 18,000 marine mammals) and is thus one of the most important islands in California. Rhinoceros Auklets Cerorhinca monocerata were extirpated from California in the 1800s but have been re-colonizing their historical nesting sites … Read More