Debris monitoring in the Prince William Sound – 2017

Gulf of Alaska Keeper

In the northern Gulf of Alaska, plastic debris accumulates along the coastline, killing marine mammals through entanglement and ingestion, and damaging marine environments through the numerous chemicals compounds that leach from the plastic. Since 2006, the Gulf of Alaska Keeper (GoAK) has worked to combat this problem through marine debris cleanups and public education efforts. In 2007, they began an … Read More

Creating Biodiversity Reserves in the Solomon Islands – 2017

Solomon Flying Fox

The Solomon Islands are a chain of hundreds of forested islands located east of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. On the islands of Teanu and Tinakula, rainforests provide habitat for a number of endemic and endangered species. Tinakula, an active volcano, is home to the Santa Cruz Ground Dove (Endangered), the Temotu Flying Fox (Endangered), Palm Lorikeet, Rosewood, … Read More