Farallon Islands House Mouse Removal Video – 2021

Wave breaking on the coast of one of the Farallon Islands

In October 2021, a grant from the Farallon Islands Foundation to Point Blue provided support for an educational video on the benefits of eradicating the invasive house mouse from the South Farallon Islands. The video supports the efforts of 17 years of study and planning by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Point Blue as their proposed project to … Read More

Protecting the Endangered St. Vincent Parrot – 2021

St. Vincent's parrot

In 2021, the Farallon Islands Foundation provided a grant to Birds Caribbean to survey and relocate birds to a protected area during and after the 2021 volcanic eruptions of the La SoufriĆ©re Volcano. The volcano, which began erupting on April 9, 2021, resulted in falling rocks, pyroclastic flows, and heavy ashfall across the mountainous island nation of St. Vincent — … Read More